Boeing Specialists have Updated the Software of Their Transcontinental Airliners 737 MAX

Boeing specialists conducted large-scale work aimed at updating the software of 737 MAX airliners. Errors that previously led to a failure of the flight control system (MCAS) were corrected. More specifically, we are talking about the anti-stopping system, as well as the main screens, which are located in the cockpit. Presumably, these problems could have led to the terrible disasters that occurred in Indonesia in October 2018 and in Ethiopia, recently  – on March 10, 2019.

“We are going to do everything that we can do to ensure that accidents like these never happen again,” – Mike Sinnett.

In the Allied association, they are pleased with the efforts being made at Boeing, but this does not mean that the airliner will be able to receive certification in the near future. These adjustments should be carefully checked. Also, at the moment the crash of a Boeing plane in Ethiopia is in the investigation process, so it is necessary to wait until the commission finally determines the reason for the crash. After that, the updated software must be additionally checked by the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States and only after that, the Boeing 737 MAX will be able to get re-certified.

Recall after the crash that occurred on March 10, 2019, in Ethiopia, where 149 people died, the Boeing 737 MAX airliner was prohibited in the US, EU, South Korea, Turkey, Australia, Ukraine, China, Singapore, and Norway.

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