Blockchain Technology Is Going to Reform Healthcare

healthcare blockchain

Blockchain is slowly but surely taking over the world. The number of fields which have not been involved with this innovative technology is getting smaller and smaller. We have already covered the topic of implementing blockchain into education, motion picture industry, authentication systems and many others. Being a huge and utterly important sphere of life, healthcare could not be excluded from the list.

The flaws of the healthcare system have been tormenting the mankind for a long time, the main ones of them being: lack of administration, improper management, insufficient financing, corruption, absence of systematization. Finding new medicines or new methods of treating illnesses is not enough, the industry requires breakthrough technologies to develop properly.

Blockchain can undoubtedly contribute to healthcare in many ways. Firstly, it will be perfect for data management. Databases of patients, their medical cards, pharmaceutical data can all be securely stored on blockchain. Blockchain can also eliminate the problem of keeping the patients’ info absolutely confidential. Paying for medical services in blockchain-based tokens will make corruption pretty much impossible.

There have also appeared platforms and projects on blockchain which make healthcare more simple and accessible. One of such projects is Izzy Care, founded by Kenneth Colón. Its main goal is to provide professional yet affordable medical services to people and also reward them for their progress in keeping fit. The platform issues its own tokens. According to Colón:

Using smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, we issue rewards to our members for investing the time and energy into their personal health and wellness to achieving these goals.

Thus, we believe that blockchain is a powerful tool for solving various problems of the mankind. Combined with other breakthrough technologies, like artificial intelligence, it can become as popular as Internet itself.

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