Blockchain May Help to Conquer Movie Piracy

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Movie industry is a huge and extremely popular sphere of entertainment which makes billions of dollars of annual profits. According to the statistics, with the 2016’s box office of the US films being $38 billion, the profits will grow up to $50 billion by 2020. That being said, more than $22 billion is lost every year due to the illegal spread of movies and/or their scripts.

Motion picture companies, directors, producers and sometimes even actors themselves have been fighting with piracy for probably as long as the whole industry exists. Over the years, they have developed different methods of doing so.

For example, the script of the legendary space movie Star Wars was printed on the special type of paper which could not be copied in any way, shape or form. The scripts of the Marvel’s “Captain America” were destroyed at the end of each day. There are also special employees in movie companies whose job is to surf the Internet, find illegally spread movies and delete them.

As a rule, the contracts signed by actors include some points about non-disclosure, however, it doesn’t stop some individuals. Despite all the measures taken, pirates and dishonest actors keep finding their ways, which means that the industry requires new powerful tools to fight that. According to the CEO of the Motion Picture Association of America, Charles Rivkin, this tool could be blockchain.

Rivkin is sure that the decentralized nature of blockchain will make it almost impossible to duplicate and copy scripts. He said in the interview with The Sun:

Blockchain is an extraordinary technology that I think is going to be disruptive and productive in any number of industries. I think it is too early to tell, and I am no expert, but it might help a lot with secure distribution of product digitally and it might help in our fight against piracy.

Any materials related to a specific movie will be distributed among thousands of blocks located all over the world, exactly like in case with cryptocurrencies. This will be almost impossible to alterate even for the most experienced hackers.

Blockchain has recently become a breakthrough solution in a lot of spheres of life. We remind you that Mastercard will incorporate blockchain to advance its authenticating system.

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