Bitmain’s Mining Pool Joins the List of EOS Block Producers

bitmain eos

As we reported earlier, the main network of EOS launched only after the token holders had “bet” their coins on a specific amount of companies which eventually became the block producers for EOS. This “voting” slowed the process of activation quite a bit, but everything worked out just fine in the end.

Furthermore, the list of block generators is starting to expand. This time it was replenished with Bitmain, which is one of the major Chinese cryptocurrency mining companies. One of its mining pools, AntPool, officially obtained the status of an EOS block producer.

Based on the information provided by, AntPool received over 50 million votes which is more than enough for EOS to include it in the list.

This event was not met enthusiactically by everybody. Frankly speaking, both EOS and Bitmain have recently received a big amount of criticism. Many people accuse them of betraying the true nature of cryptocurrency due to such factors:

  1. Bitmain is slowly but surely taking over mining in China, it is already covering 45% of mining in the entire world
  2. EOS has become way too centralized, since the special committee created to observe all of its operations does remind a small government.

We would like to remind you that EOS occupied the first position in the cryptocurrency rating compiled by China Electronic Information Industry Development.

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