Bitmain Released a New ASIC-Miner for Mining Zcash

New ASIC-Miner for Mining Zcash

The world giant and the most demanded manufacturer of mining equipment Bitmain presented its new product for the mining of Zcash cryptocurrency, called Antminer Z9 mini, which works on the algorithm of Equihash.

The twit reveals information that one new mining device can only be purchased by one person, that is, one buyer will not be able to buy more than one Antminer Z9 mini. Such a measure is necessary to enable a large number of miners from around the world to use this device.

Deliveries of the new product are planned for the last decade of June, according to the official website of the company. It is worth noting that the mining device needs only 300W of power consumption with a hash of 10k Sol / s. The cost of Antminer Z9 is 1999 USD, it is indicated on the site.

The founder and CEO of Zcash Zooko Wilcox notes that the release of a new product limited him to some extent:

“That is absolutely never what I had intended to commit to, because (a) I always thought that it would probably become impossible long-term, and (b) I always believed that there was a fundamental trade-off between widespread distribution of the coins on one hand, and miners having a large sunk-cost investment into the coin on the other hand, and that the latter might eventually prove to be valuable for attack-resistance and network stability.”

He believes that this is a “compromise” of some kind that will counteract centralization and ensure the stability of the network.

We remind you that Bitmain made an announcement under the name of Antminer E3 about the beginning of sales of ASIC-miner for Ethereum back at the beginning of last month.

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