Bitfinex Filed a Lawsuit Against One of Its Critics

A Twitter user with a username Bitfinex’ed, who became famous for his wide criticism towards a cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex and Tether related to it, hired a lawyer. Bitfinex filed a lawsuit against the critic and is now preparing for a trial. The interests of the blogger will be defended by the partner of the Washington law company Anderson Kill Steven Palley.

Palley confirmed that his client has received threats from Bitfinex many times and has sent letters to the company’s lawyers repeatedly. For example, the text of the latter looks like this:

“As you know, threats have been made and continue to be made against @bitfinex’ed. If we learn that your client is directly or indirectly responsible for these threats, or if any harm should take place to @bitfinex’ed as a result of these threats, there will be legal consequences”.

Bitfinex declined to comment on questions from the media on this matter.

Back in December 2017 the company claimed that it would start suing its critics. Bitfinex’ed just happened to be caught under one of the litigation.

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