Bitcoin Was Mentioned During a Case in the US Supreme Court

bitcoin court

Bitcoin is constantly passing new milestones. For example, it has recently been mentioned in the most important judiciary body of the United States.

The case itself had nothing to do with cryptocurrencies or their regulation. It actually dealt with taxation of stock options which makes us wonder how Bitcoin was related and why was it mentioned.

The lawyers eventually came up to an eternal question – “What is money?”, and the example of Bitcoin was very well-aimed. One of the judges stated that Bitcoin opens up new horizons in perception of money. According to him, Bitcoin is the picture of financial volatility, and it is extremely hard to predict what is going to happen with it. The judge even put forward a hypothesis that the employees could get their salary in cryptocurrencies

All of the abovementioned was said to prove the point that the taxation of stock of options of employees should actually take place.

In spite of powerful arguments and bright examples, the majority of judges decided against the taxation because, according to them, stock options cannot be regarded as receiving financial renumeration.

Anyway, such an event was utterly important for Bitcoin. The governmental organization recognize more and more which means that it is possible for BTC to become an official means of payment in the country.

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