TOP 10 Pop and Hip-Hop Songs about Bitcoin and Crypto

crypto music

Being a quickly developing phenomenon, Bitcoin has already expanded over the limits of the financial world. It is also making its way into pop culture and the sphere of entertainment. We have already witnessed the creation of a crypto-related movie. Today we want to introduce 10 music tracks that mention the world’s #1 cryptocurrency and altcoins.

  1. The Bitcoin Dip – We Miss You
  2. Cryptocurrency Girls – The Moon, Cryptocurrency and Me
  3. Ricegum – Bitcoin
  4. Ytcracker – Bitcoin Baron
  5. Remy – Bitcoin Billionaire
  6. Lil Windex – Bitcoin Cash
  7. Laura Saggers – 10 Thousand Bitcoins
  8. Coindaddy – Alt Season
  9. Mayday&Murs – Bitcoin Breezy
  10. Eminem – Not Alike

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