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Expert Opinion: Bitcoin Rate Will Cross $100 000 | The Coin Shark

Expert Opinion: Bitcoin Rate Will Cross $100 000

CEO of blockchain-based decentralized marketplace Shopin Eran Eyal shared his opinion considering the probable increase of the cryptocurrency`s rate:

“I have no doubt that Bitcoin will reach well over $ 100 000”.

Eran did not mention when Bitcoin rate would rise way beyond $ 100 000 but he mentioned some facts from crypto-history that he based his predictions upon. He states that cryptocurrency ban in China and South Korea provoked Bitcoin rate decrease.

Chinese government is trying to control and ban all online-platforms that advance trade. Currently the cryptocurrency market experiences hard times as South Korea, which is the world’s biggest cryptocurrency trading market except for the USA and Japan, also appeared to be inexorable enemy of virtual assets.

Eran adds:“In the United States, bitcoin exchanges have been closed three times.”

In fact the situation shows that Bitcoin is able to face different challenges and has been quite successfully pulling through. Eran is sure that Bitcoin is not going to collapse. It will become stable again and increase when jurisdictions finally stop their crypto-crackdown.
Eran calls Bitcoin “a store of value”, literally the same as gold.

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