Bitcoin Plunges Together with Other Virtual Currencies

Bitcoin rate has fallen significantly, having reached approximately $12 thousand first time after December 5th, 2017, reports CoinMarketCap.

Other major digital currencies also experienced decrease, thus Ethereum fell 12,41%, Ripple – 19,16%, Bitcoin Cash – 9,98%. According to the service, cryptocurrency market capitalization is currently $650,8 billion and bitcoin has a 34% market share.

Moreover, Bloomberg reported that Chinese authorities were planning to introduce new measures against digital currencies in addition to ban of their use via exchanges established last year. Last week media shared the information with reference to Park Sang-gi, Korean Minister of Justice, that the government is preparing a bill to ban cryptocurrency trading via exchanges. However, later Ministry of Strategy and Finance reported that this ban will not be introduced. Anyway the government is still trying to limit cryptocurrency trade, reports south korean news agency Yonhap on Monday.

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