Bitcoin Fell in Price with the Rate of Just Over $9,000

According to the trading portal, Bitcoin (BTC) has slightly reduced its positions in the last 24 hours. So, as of the 14th of March, the Bitcoin rate fell by 1.58% and the current price is $9 105.

In general, all other large cryptocurrencies also show a slight decline. One of the biggest indexes of depreciation belongs to the Montero cryptocurrency, it is -4.41% in 24 hours.

The decline of Ethereum is close to that of Bitcoin and is -2.02%, the exchange rate is $687 at the moment.

Among all the above-mentioned cryptocurrencies, the smallest losses in the percentage ratio belong to Ripple, where the rate fell by only 1.30%

What immediately draws attention is the significant growth of NEM and Binance Coin, with an increase of 11.64% for the first and 26.02% for the second respectively.

The total market capitalization is $373 billion. Bitcoin accounts for 41.74% of the total amount. In monetary terms, it is $155 billion.

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