Bitcoin and Ethereum Are Not In Trend Anymore? Google Shows Disappointing Data

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Google Trends

Do you remember the time when Bitcoin was worth of $20,000? It was in December of 2017. Probably that time people found out what Bitcoin, Ethereum, cryptocurrency, mining, blockchain were for the first time.They were curious about them, Google was abundant with search requests like “What is Bitcoin?”, “Bitcoin”, “Ethereum” etc. However, one year has already passed, and people like little children just forgot about leading cryptocurrencies or just lost every small piece of interest in them. As a result, trends like “Bitcoin” and “Ethereum” went back where they were in the beginning.



Typically, Google Trends uses numbers to show the interest rate of the search request. In these terms, 100 is the biggest number and 0 is correspondingly the lowest. The upper picture is the popularity dynamics of Bitcoin. We can see the highest result was in December of 2017, then it started to drop drastically. In May, the value sank to the mark of 9. Unfortunately, this week it has fallen down to the value of 5. It the lowest result of the whole year.



The situation with Ethereum also leaves much to be desired. It had two big hypes at the end of December and at the beginning of January, then the value decreased to 9 in the first decade of August. It had positive dynamics at the end of August 2018, the value went up to 20. This week the interest value is just 8.



If we compare these two cryptocurrencies, we can see that Bitcoin is still more popular than Ethereum.The data shows that Ethereum has only 1 point, and Bitcoin has 5. However, if we talk about the rate of the whole year, they both fell significantly. In average, Bitcoin’s value is 23, and Ethereum’s is just 3.



Even though the interest rate has decreased, Bitcoin and Ethereum are #1 and #2 cryptocurrencies in the world, their collective market cap value makes up 65% of the total market cap value.

There are a lot of crypto analysts who state that the Bitcoin price will go up to the point of $1 million, and the “bottom” of the crypto world has already gone, and we will see better results soon. Well, the time will show who is right and who is not, but now we want to remind you that most Americans do not really know what Bitcoin is.

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