Binance Users who Used the API Have Been Robbed by Unknown Hackers

The Binance currency exchange was hacked, and users who worked with the exchange through the API were robbed. Such rumors came from users of Reddit. The incident occurred on the morning of the 7th of March, and according to some unofficial statements, the loss amount was $30 billion.

After some time, the company published a report that the withdrawal of funds and trades were suspended until the circumstances of the incident were clarified.

“As of this moment, the only confirmed victims have registered API keys (to use with trading bots or otherwise). There is no evidence of the Binance platform being compromised,” the post said. “Please remain patient and we will provide an update as quickly as possible”.

In the evening, the CEO of Binance, Zhao Changpeng, reassured all users that their money had not been affected, since the platform had not been hacked, only investors using APIs and trading robots had been attacked.

The attackers hacked the trading robot, after that he started selling altcoins of the customers at the market price, and he bought such cryptocurrency as Viacoin on the proceeds. Thus, the price of Viacoin has risen and now is estimated second after Bitcoin.

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