Binance: Participate in Binance DEX Trade Competition And Get $100K

One of the biggest exchanges, Binance, offered its fans and customers to take part in simulated trade competition on the Binance DEX. The winner will obtain a reward worth of $100K.

Binance DEX is an extension of Binance exchange providing users with more opportunities laying the objective of spreading the freedom of money. A new exchange allow its customers to trade BNB coin, issue new tokens, freeze and unfreeze them. All this is possible as the exchange is operated on Binance Chain.

On February 20, 2019, Binance released Testnet for “a decentralized order-matching engine powered by Binance Chain technology” – Binance DEX. To attract more attention to such important thing, the company decided to hold a competition with a total of $100,000 in prize money.

Every user who has at least 1 BNB coin on his/her account is eligible to participate in it. He/She can register up to 20 Binance Chain addresses, each address will get 200 virtual testnet BNB tokens.

The CEO of Binance announced the contest via Twitter:

The competition starts on the 7th of March (8am UTC) and finishes on the 21st of the same month (8am UTC). When the contest begins, all data on the testnet will be reset and all the balances will be cleared.The participants are able to list or issue tokens on the network, trade them against BNB. The price of each token must be set to 1 BNB.

The top three  winners of the competition will receive 3,000 BNB, 2,000 BNB, and 1,000 BNB correspondingly. We remind you

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