Bank Frick Will Provide Direct Investments into Bitcoin and Ethereum

Bank Frick became the first bank in the Principality of Liechtenstein, which allowed to conduct operations with cryptocurrencies through its platform, having made an important decision regarding trading cryptocurrencies. While many other banks classify cryptocurrency as speculation, for example in India and Brazil, Bank Frick is following a different path.

The main goal that the bank wants to achieve is to position itself as a promising structure capable of making significant changes within its system while maintaining a regulatory framework.

As mentioned earlier, Bank Frick became the first bank in Liechtenstein, which allowed itself to invest into cryptocurrency by partnering up with Bitcoin Suisse. Although this partnership has achieved great success and allowed investments to be made with relative safety, the bank still informs investors to be more cautious and not to engage in speculative investments.

The bank’s services are currently in demand throughout Europe, and this trend will intensify as the bank goes into the sphere of cryptocurrency trading.

According to Hubert Buchel, Chief Customer Officer: “This is because they know that we can offer them reliable support in implementing their business models with cryptocurrencies and blockchains in line with the existing regulatory framework”.

The service will allow you to purchase the five most popular cryptocurrencies; BTC, BTH, LTC, XRP and ETH. The benefit for the users of the bank will be that they will receive a guarantee of reliable means of protection against hackers and thefts. An additional level of security is also ensured by the fact that Bank Frick is regulated much more than any other online platform.

To date traditional investment into cryptocurrencies is associated with certain difficulties for ordinary people who are not very much involved in the process of buying, storing and selling their own cryptocurrency. Although platforms like Coinbase have done a great job to ensure ease of cryptocurrency assets management, nevertheless, the complexities still remain. Such financial institutions as Bank Frick simplify the purchase of cryptocurrency, due to which ordinary users can use anonymous money with minimal difficulties in understanding.

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