Baidu Launches Its Super Chain: Whitepaper Explains All the Details of the Platform

baidu launches super chain

The word “blockchain” does not seem to be anything beyond fantastic, but the phrase “creating one’s own blockchain” can still arouse the interest of many people. Earlier, we talked about the fact that North Korea allegedly introduced the blockchain technology to circumvent US sanctions, but the Chinese search giant Baidu was brave enough to declare the creation of the “Super Chain” network by releasing a Whitepaper V 1.0.

The document talks about the possibility of commercializing one of seven applications built on Super Chain, namely blockchain-as-service (BaaS). Moreover, the nodes of this independent network use multi-core parallel computing that help Super Chain Baidu to be more efficient in comparison with the usual, “traditional” blockchain.

Whitepaper also states that Baidu has a root chain that controls parallel and side chains, and also optimizes the parameter performance of the entire network. Parallel chains select a consensus mechanism through the built-in mechanism of pluggable consensus.

The system is aimed at quality control of products, as well as quality of production. The sphere of use includes tourism, social networks, intellectual property, etc.

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