Audi Combines Electric Scooter and Skateboard in One Two-Seater Ride

Audi Combines Electric Scooter and Skateboard in One Two-Seater Ride

Audi has announced the release of the E-tron electric scooter, which can reach a speed of up to 20 km/h, weighs 12 kg, and can travel about 20 km on a single charge. The cost of this vehicle will be about 2,000 euros, and it will be available at the end of 2020.


Combining the elements of an electronic scooter and a skateboard, you get a completely unique type of ride. Audi claims that the experience of riding resembles surfing on the wave. The battery of the scooter is built into its handle, where there is also a small display showing the level of remaining charge. The scooter also has front and rear lights (including brake lights and daytime running lights). In addition, Audi promises a Bluetooth connection that will allow users to configure the scooter and provide protection against theft.

The company says it can offer a scooter as an optional accessory for E-tron car buyers, which can charge the scooter in their luggage and use it to overcome the last leg of their journey. Note that the price of the new device is higher than that of the Boosted Premium scooter, and the maximum speed is less than that of the insanely slow Bird scooter. Therefore, it is not yet clear what future waits for this new product.

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