Apple Updated MacBook Air and MacBook Pro

Apple Updated MacBook Air and MacBook Pro

The most popular laptops MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air have been updated in Cupertino. Note that Apple has already updated the more expensive versions of the MacBook Pro in May of this year, but now it is time for the younger model.

This is the largest MacBook Pro update since 2017. Now Touch Bar and Touch ID are available in the base model, as well more productive new processors from Intel. Unfortunately, the biggest disadvantage of this model has not been fixed, we are talking about the number of USB-C ports, there are still only two of them.

The company offers an updated MacBook Pro at a price of $1,299 (128 GB of flash memory) and from $1,499 (256 GB of flash memory).

The company also updated the MacBook Air, which now supports True Tone, responsible for automatic adjustment of the display color, depending on the light. Also, the MacBook Air price fell by $100, which is good news. Now the younger version can be acquired for 1099 US dollars, and for students, the cost will be 999 US dollars. All other specifications of this model remained unchanged.

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