Apple Takes Steps to Develop Smartphones Without Cutouts

Someone likes the huge front panels of “bangs” on the screens of iPhones, but most users do not. Haters come up with various unpleasant names, such as, for example, “monobrow” or even “hole between teeth”. There is no limit to imagination and therefore Apple decided to stop users` joking about the iPhone.

Note that the annoying “monobrow” appeared on the front panel of gadgets for a reason – its purpose is to place a selfie camera and other sensors necessary for the smartphone user. It is not a problem to get rid of the annoying “hole between teeth”, but then what to do with all of the above electronic details?

In the registration given to the company by the American Office of Trademarks and Patents, Apple has all the rights to use the patent for openings in the display for electronic devices.

This document tells about OLED displays, which does not require the use of additional illumination in the design. This, for example, applies to TrueDepth array cameras and light sensors, which are installed between the pixels under the light-transmitting glass.

In the description of the August patent application, the screen area is not highlighted if one or another component is used under it, such as, for example, a camera, which will not burn pixels. It will look like more transparent gaps in the display.

It is not yet known whether Apple decides to fully implement the approved patent applications. But the fact that the company is taking steps to remove the “monobrow” is worthy of respect from users.

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