Apple Restores The Banned Parental Control Application OurPact’s To The App Store

Apple Restores The Banned Parental Control Application OurPact's To The App Store

Apple refused to ban the OurPact parental control application and returned it to the AppStore. This decision put an end to the months-long dispute between Apple and various parental control companies that were affected by Apple’s restrictions.


When parental control apps were removed from the AppStore, it caused an uproar and disagreement among developers. The fact is that Apple has reclassified OurPact (and similar applications) as unsafe due to the used technology. The problem was that these applications used a suite of tools called MDM or multi-device management, designed to control equipment in the IT environment and in the school environment. According to Apple employees, this suite of tools could carry a potential threat to users, so they decided to remove these applications. After that, a group of application developers for parental control (including OurPact) came together to demand Apple to solve this problem, and it seems they succeed.

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