Apple Registers New Mixed Reality Headset Patent

As it became known, Apple filed a patent for a complex mixed-reality headset that will be able to track the user’s face features, eyes and hands. The patent application was filed back in March 2019, but it was published only last week.


It is worth remarking that Apple has many different patents related to augmented or mixed reality. According to rumors, engineers in Apple’s secret laboratories are working on the possibility of transferring AR from a smartphone/tablet to glasses.

This patent includes a head-mounted display, a set of cameras and other sensors that track the external environment, and another set of sensors that track the user’s eyes. All components work together to display a virtual three-dimensional image that is somehow based on the real world. Beyond this, there are many potential variations. The headset may include handheld sensors, “head posture sensors”, sensors that collect detailed information about actual lighting conditions, “eyebrow sensors” and “mandible sensors” that track the movement of the mouth and jaw.

It is not yet known when this will be realized in a real product, but no doubt the fact that Apple has chosen a development vector in favor of augmented reality technology.

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