Apple May Release Two Additional iPad Models This Year

Apple May Release Two Additional iPad Models This Year

Based on the regulatory documents of Apple, it became known that the iPad line may become even wider in the near future. Recall that at the moment, the company has five different iPad models for sale:

  • iPad Mini;
  • iPad;
  • iPad Air;
  • 11-inch iPad Pro;
  • 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

According to insider information, this number can be increased by two new devices. Earlier, it was reported that the Apple team submitted 5 new models to the Eurasian Economic Commission and just two new tablet models were included in the last application.

Of course, details of the technical specifications of the new devices are not available, but according to unconfirmed information, these may be updated versions of the 9.7-inch iPad, which was rumored to have been developed earlier this year.

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