Apple is Preparing a Competitor for Huawei P30 Pro

For a long time, Apple has positioned itself as a leader in the market of mobile technology in the production of smartphones equipped with high-quality cameras. But over the past two or three years, many things have changed, and Chinese brands along with South Korean Samsung managed to catch up with Americans and even surpass them in certain aspects.

Thus thanks to the French company DxOMark, we now have the opportunity to determine the quality of cameras embedded in mobile devices. Each review is accompanied by analysis and assessment of the quality of gadgets. As a result, according to the company, today at the top of the ranking are Huawei smartphones, while Apple is only sixth in the list.


But this result doesn’t quite work for the company, so now the Apple team is doing everything to regain the leadership in the mobile industry. According to Chinese media reports, the iPhone XI and iPhone XI Max will support 3 sensors of the front-facing camera. The main news is the feature of cameras – ultra wide-angle lens. In addition, this smartphone will be equipped with an additional ToF (Time of flight camera), through which users will be able to determine the distance between the object and the smartphone.

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