Apple Intends to Abandon iTunes

According to 9to5Mac, the release of the upcoming version of macOS will make great changes to Apple software, dividing it into separate applications responsible for performing certain functions.


According to the information, the new applications have a common design and code with their iOS counterparts on the iPhone and iPad. Thus, in the new software, the Music application will be supported by Apple Music bypassing iTunes, the television application will be Apple TV Plus from Apple, and Podcasts will be responsible for the podcast playback function. The Books app will also be equipped with a similar modification, allowing it to be updated with the app released by Apple last fall.

This is a very important step by Apple. iTunes is known for outdated and almost universally repudiated software. Refusal from iTunes can stimulate the Apple team to create more modern projects in less promoted applications.

In addition, Apple clearly has high hopes for new applications in the implementation of the future macOS strategy. So why not start with one of their outdated applications? This step would also help macOS to comply with iOS, which for years had special applications for all these functions.

However, those wishing the “abandoning” of iTunes will not be able to say goodbye to him so quickly, because it is the only application of its kind that can sync and interact with older iPod and iOS devices.

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