Apple Fire Hundreds of Employees Who Listen to Siri Records

Apple Fire Hundreds of Employees Who Listen to Siri Records

Technology giant Apple laid off 300 employees hired as part of a program to test the quality of Siri’s voice assistant. According to the data, hundreds of employees across Europe had access to the confidential information of users without their knowledge and also listened to requests from Siri users.

Apple decided to stop the program after the scandal. In addition, the company apologized to its users for secretly listening to their contractors and gaining access to personal data.

In addition, Apple decided to make a few changes to Siri’s privacy policy.

  • First, the company will no longer store interaction records with Siri. Instead, workers will use computer-generated decryption.
  • Secondly, users will be able to decide for themselves whether they want to participate in the program to improve the quality of Siri or not.
  • Thirdly, if the user still wants to participate in the program, then only Apple employees will have access to the records. In addition, random entries that will be considered sources of personal information will be deleted immediately.

The changes should take effect this fall.

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