Apple Accused of Stealing Patents

Technology company Seven Networks sued the Apple company for violating 16 patents. According to the lawsuit, Seven has received industry recognition for its innovative technologies and products. For example, in 2011 at Mobile World Congress GSMA awarded Seven for the best technological breakthrough, and in 2013 the company received an award for outstanding innovations in the mobile industry.

Now, the company is accusing Apple of stealing its patents. So, according to Seven Networks, Apple’s servers, iCloud, iDevices, Mac, and various versions of Apple’s operating systems are not legitimate designs by the defendant.

Among the devices against which claims are made are iPhone 4s, iPhone XS Max, all iPad models, and modern Mac models.

The injured party requires Apple to pay for all damages, licensing fees, reimbursement of legal fees and other damages that the court finds appropriate.

Seven is perhaps best known for developing the Open Channel, a set of tools used by wireless operators to manage and optimize traffic, including push notifications. For the past few years, the company has not been releasing new products, providing support for AdClear Plus, a free ad-blocking utility for iOS, released in 2016 and last updated in March 2018.

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