An Energy Storage of 316 MW Will Be Built In the USA

The New York Public Service Commission has approved the building of a 316-megawatt battery plant that will replace fossil fuel generating capacity.

The Ravenswood project will become the largest funded system in the state and will be able to provide New York City with clean energy during periods of high demand. It is the first such large-scale case of the storage systems use to control peak loads in the north-east of the country.

California and Arizona have long been using storage facilities for this purpose, the east coast`s battery stations typically had little capacity and were more focused on providing quick response services. The new installation will have a huge capacity, which will allow it to give energy within eight hours.

State management is finalizing new emission control regulations that will result in the closure of the most polluting stations.

16 internal combustion turbines that lasted almost 50 years will be disposed of during this project on Ravenswood Power Station, located on the shores of the East River in Long Island City, Queens. At the moment, only two of them work, but they are launched quite rarely.

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