Amazon Abandons Tesla Solar Installations after Roof Fire in 2018

Amazon Abandons Tesla Solar Installations after Roof Fire in 2018

According to CNBC, not only Walmart stores were affected by Tesla’s solar system fires. In June 2018, a Tesla solar installation also caused a fire on the roof of an Amazon warehouse. Following this incident, Amazon allegedly refused to purchase Tesla’s solar power systems.

Amazon doesn’t have as many Tesla installations as Walmart does. The latter has over 240 stores with Elon Musk’s solar systems installed on roofs. Recall that Walmart filed a lawsuit against Tesla, in which they announced seven cases of fire and a lot of violations that could potentially cause a fire and property damage. In some cases, the cause of fires was the improper grounding of installations, which, incidentally, could lead to fatal injuries to Walmart employees.

Amazon, in turn, announced timely measures taken to protect the life and health of staff and preservation of property. To some extent, Walmart employees should also be responsible for being not persistent in trying to persuade Tesla to correct flaws seen by the naked eye. Note that Walmart has not yet refused to cooperate with Tesla and hopes to continue installing the company’s solar systems after reaching a consensus.

If Walmart sues Tesla, the latter could lose $250 million – $1 billion.

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