AI will Help Twitter Deal with Fake News

AI will Help Twitter Deal with Fake News

On June 3, Twitter representatives announced a deal to acquire startup Fabula AI, which should help the company deal with untruthful information spreading through the social network.

Researchers at a London startup have developed a method for sampling data that users share in social networks with the ability to identify frauds.

According to Fabula AI account on LinkedIn, a startup uses the patented Geometric Deep Learning method to determine fake news with an accuracy of 93% within a few hours after its distribution.

The need for such a step is caused by the growing influx of false information that harms the public.

Fabula AI will be led by Twitter engineer Sandeep Pandey.

In turn, Michael Bronstein, co-founder of Fabula AI said:

“We are really excited to join the ML research team at Twitter, and work together to grow their team and capabilities.”

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