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Review publication - 100 USD

Our articles arise the interest of the reader with the help of an informative description, valuable arguments and reliable analysis, therefore your potential client will give preference to your project.

The editors of The Coin Shark prepare an article that lists basic information about your product: features, functionality, key advantages over similar platforms, your mission and philosophy of the company.

Interview - 100 USD

In the interview, we give to a representative of the company an opportunity to directly address the audience, share an expert opinion, and tell about the main advantages of the project from the first person.

The Coin Shark together with a company representative defines the goals and content of the interview. After that, we send questions to the interviewee. After we receive answers, we edit the interview and the finished publication with a portrait of the client made by our graphic designer is posted on the site.

Guidelines / Tutorials - 200 USD

In this format, the editors of The Coin Shark, on the basis of the statement of work, are preparing a tutorial. This may be material for newcomers on how to use your product, a guide to start working with the platform / application, or a description of the main tools.

Client’s Content Publication - 70 USD

The client sends his own content for a publication. This may be news, information about the latest update, etc. The editors of The Coin Shark check the content for spelling and punctuation errors, after which our designer draws the cover for the text, and the finished material is published on the site.

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The Coin Shark has five positions for placing banners on the site. Banner can be static or animated. For any advertising format, a client can either send his banner or use The Coin Shark service for drawing static banners in pop art style.

Banner №1 (1339 х 60) is located on the main page of the site above the menu (header) of the site. Posting of a banner gives an opportunity to talk about your project even before the reader starts surfing the site. This banner will be displayed on all pages, including all posts, categories, and tags.

Price - 1000 USD per month

Banner №2 (1200 х 50) is placed on the main page of the site above the latest news feed. This banner is seen in the second place (after the banner number 1) by all visitors to the site who went to the main page. The banner will also be displayed on all pages, including all posts, categories, tags.

Price - 600 USD per month

Banner №3 (820 х 70) is placed on the main page of the site under the latest news feed.

Price - 450 USD per month

Banner №4 (410 х 400) is placed on the main page of the site as native advertising in the second row of the latest news. Such location makes it possible to “get lost” in the news feed and thereby gain the client's trust in your project.

Price - 300 USD per month

Banner №5 (300 х 225) is placed on each page of a publication in the right sitebar. Such location provides an opportunity for the user to see banner advertisements when going to any page of the site where publications are posted.

Price - 200 USD per month

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Writing articles
Creating banners in pop art style
Drawing Telegram Stickers

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The Coin Shark editorial has a staff of professional authors and translators. Based on this, we can create native, advertising, review materials with 100% uniqueness. Articles can be written in 3 languages: English, Russian, Chinese.

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All the covers of articles on The Coin Shark website are drawn by graphic designers by hand. Thus, we can create exclusive banners for advertising campaigns. Banners are drawn according to the statement of work and the wishes of the client.

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At the moment, Telegram is the fastest growing platform by the number of users. And Telegram's corporate sticker pack is an integral part of branding. Stickers are drawn by graphic designers by hand, according to the statement of work and the wishes of the client.

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The Coin Shark publishes a rating publication every month. TOP is created in different directions in the framework of The Coin Shark content. For TOP, the editors make an objective selection of companies that are suitable for getting into the rating. TOP is not sponsored or paid. There is a fixed entry price that covers The Coin Shark's work input to create this publication, and an advertising budget that is put into marketing to get the widest and highest quality coverage.

As a result, companies that are in the TOP receive:

  • Hitting an honest and native rating;
  • A publication with coverage of more than 100k organic visits in the first month;
  • A publication with open links that will work for companies SEO that will be included in the TOP.

Each month, the TOP is compiled in different segments. Please leave a request for the manager to contact you and discuss the date of the next TOP, in which we can consider your participation.

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The Coin Shark Digest is a publication in which The Coin Shark editors make announcements of the latest updates / news about companies which have paid the subscription. Publications are segmented by content areas: Blockchain, FinTech, Cryptocurrency, Startups, Games, Technologies. The digest is published 4 times a month. Up to 10 companies can participate in one digest.

What does a company get by paying for a digest subscription?

  • High-quality text-description of your last update. The maximum number of characters is 300;
  • Two links in each digest. The first link is dofollow to the article of the update. The second open link is to the company's website. This is done in order to stimulate and improve SEO for client companies;
  • Publication in the central block on the main page of the site and posting articles on The Coin Shark social networks.

Paying for a monthly subscription, you can take part in 4 digests and get 8 backlinks from our site. Publications will be archived, and will remain available on the site for more than two years. Under a subscription agreement, a company must use 4 slots for digest within 2 months, for the period when 8 digest publications will be issued.

Subscription price - 100 USD
*for 4 slots for participation in the digest publications that need to be used in a period of up to 2 months.

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Shark Comics is a new format by The Coin Shark. It combines visual and textual content in a balanced way. The focus of this publication is on the visual perception of information by users.

Shark Comics will be published in an article format, in the form of a long comic book that tells a particular story of your product or company. Comics will be divided into sectors in which we will consistently display information that needs to be conveyed to audience in a clear sequence, adding text fields for clarification.

Features of this format:

  • The main purpose of any product advertising is to increase recognition of the brand. Shark Comics format is an original and interesting presentation of promotional material. Such a publication will attract more users and increase the conversion both in views and coverage, and in links following;
  • Users are tired of reading long texts. They are interested in visual content. Every second user will not read it until the end. But each first will be interested in a new format for him, this will attract more attention to your product and will encourage the client to go to your company's website;
  • Pop art style is quite simple for perception and great for mass consumption. Therefore, our format is great for a wide audience.

The price for the creation of Shark Comics - 300 USD
*The whole scope of work and everything that will be included in an offer will be presented in the detailed offer, after you left an application.

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The Coin Shark is a place where the true information space opens.
We are talking about Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, FinTech and Technologies in the format of not boring texts 24/7.

Our team improves the content and focuses on reliable sources from different parts of the world to be the first to tell the most recent and interesting information, wrapping it in the cover of a mixture of original characters and comics.

For our part, we are ready to cooperate and collaborate. We will be happy to contact you and discuss the details of our work together. Leave your application below!

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