“A visitor from the future” on Reddit and predictions that seem to start coming true

Four years ago a user who claimed that he was a guest from the year 2025 posted an article on Reddit. He predicted sharp increase of Bitcoin rate that would lead to world economy downfall. Naturally, everybody just laughed and nobody took that serious. However, many people remembered that strange user as the present-day bitcoin rate set a new all-time record and reached $ 11 000.

A user with a nickname Luka_Magnotta stated that he lived in the year 2025, when Bitcoin became a serious threat to all humankind. He also maintained that bitcoin rate would increase by 10 times each year up to 2015 but would slow down after that.

According to Lukа, Bitcoin cost $0, 1 in 2010, $1 in 2011, $10 in 2012 and finally $100 in 2013. Then the user mentioned 2015 when the price of the digital currency would be $1000 and 2017 with the price of $10 000. And this is actually true so far. The user claimed that Bitcoin rate would increase up to $100 000 in 2019 and would be $1 000 000 by 2021. Having exceeded that point the cryptocurrency would no longer be dollar-pegged as fiat money would simply disappear.

The user describes further as a rather bleak picture. He says that the majority of states will collapse because people will use only anonymous bitcoin transactions so all systems of taxation will be destroyed. By that time there will have been 19 million bitcoins issued and several hundred thousand will have been lost.

The lion’s share of BTC will be owned by a small number of people who will live in citadels – fortresses where the last operating computers that can mine digital currency will be located. Moreover a wave of terrorism will erupt all around the world. The famous Winklevoss twins will be killed because of their bitcoin-fortune. The territory of Africa will be divided and Saudi Arabia together with North Korea will become the wealthiest states having 110 thousand BTC and 180 thousand BTC each.

At the end of his message Luka_Magnotta asks readers to “strangle the cursed project at its very birth” and prevent our planet from such a dystopian future.

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