A Tech Personality Became the Author of Mona Lisa Using Blockchain

monalisa blockchain

A blockchain startup Verisart has recently received some “black” PR. The project specializes in verifying the authenticity of pieces of art, creating digital certificates for them and also tracking down the history of particular works.

However, Verisart, as well as other art-related blockchain products, is heavily critisized by some of the developers. Some people prefer to just leave a negative comment in a forum or on the website, but there are people that go to the extreme to prove their point.

In this case, a technological expert, Terence Eden, decided to try and register on the above-mentioned platform as a creator of Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa”. He also provided evidence of successfully completing his endeavour.

According to him, the site only required his name, email address and the picture itself which was downloaded by him from Wikipedia.

Nevertheless, there were people that did not take this experiment seriously. For example, a blockchain specialist, Peter Todd, called it a fraud.

He protected Verisart by saying that Terence Eden does not truly understand the essence of its blockchain. According to Todd, Verisart is not an authoritative project, its main purpose is to timestamp evidence, so that it could not be backdated.

With both sides providing strong arguments, it is hard to understand who is actually right in this situation. Thus, we recommend you to be very careful when getting involved in any project or startup, especially if it is little-known.

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