A New HTC’s Blockchain Smartphone ‘Exodus 1s’ Will Run A Full Bitcoin Node

One of the biggest tech companies in the world, HTC, announced the launching of ‘Exodus 1s’ – a second generation of the famous blockchain mobile phone, which was released in 2018.

We have already written about the main features of the upcoming smartphone (follow the link below), since we would like to focus on an interesting novelty.

HTC will Launch a New Generation Blockchain Smartphone This Year

According to Bitcoin Magazine, ‘Exodus 1s’ will be able to run a full bitcoin node. stated the smartphone having full node capacities would be the first in its kind.

The company’s Chief Decentralized Officer Phil Chen said:

“With the EXODUS 1, we gave people the power to own their own keys, now we’re giving people the power to run their own node. It’s about building technology for the free world.”

Phil Chen also added that it was hard to develop such a phone, yet now it is possible. He stated that that the ledger is able to prune down the blockchain memory, earlier it was around 200 GB and now it is approximately 10 GB.

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