A Hotel for Entrepreneurs Working Remotely Opened in Singapore

Singapore has created an ideal place for people who work remotely and look for an analogue of traditional social relations. The company Tribe Theory provides offices for rent where people can work together united by one problem: remote work and, as a result, lack of social working communication.

This idea is aimed at entrepreneurs and startups, that can purchase offices at a hotel for a small amount of money and work there together with like-minded people.

The difference between this kind of hotel and traditional offices is that it allows not only to work together, but also to live and eat. The hotel provides a complimentary breakfast, laundry service, and a place to stay and work for only $35. For comparison, the usual prices for hotels in Singapore are $180 per night.

Specifically for guests from other countries, Tribe Theory hotels accept payment in BTC and ETH, which helps visitors to save on currency exchange.

The owners want to help a new generation of entrepreneurs who want to focus on their work, while not missing aspects of socialization and travelling.

Vikram Bharati, the founder of Tribe Theory, believes in his work and wants it to spread all over the world.

“What we’re trying to do is create a community. So, not just provide an affordable capsule, but also create a place where people can engage with other entrepreneurs from around the world…The value is that someone from Kazakhstan can meet someone from London and collaborate on business together, which really is very hard to do in co-living spaces or hotels”.

Bharati’s idea originated from his own experience as a traveler and a entrepreneur working remotely. In the nearest future, the expansion of the hotel chain is planned in such places as Hong Kong, Tokyo, Berlin and Estonia. Bharati hopes to launch the work of hotels in ten large countries by the end of 2019.

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