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A Hospital in Great Britain Launches a Program to Cure Cryptocurrency Addiction | The Coin Shark

A Hospital in Great Britain Launches a Program to Cure Cryptocurrency Addiction

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A Scottish rehab clinic Castle Craig Hospital which specializes in ordinary types of addiction, like alcoholism, narcomania, food addiction etc. will go into a brand new direction. Since cryptocurrencies are gaining more and more popularity every day, more cases appear when people start losing control while trading them. This type of addiction is close to gambling addiction, since it brings significant damage to the person’s wallet.

More than 13 million people are engaged in activities connected with Bitcoin and other digital currencies. They are monitoring price jumps, looking for the most suitable time to invest, research various cryptocurrency exchanges. The representatives of the hospital told the Independent that this can be exciting but also addictive and, like gambling addiction, can be financially disastrous.

The program will be run and supervised by Tony Marini. This therapist used to have addictions himself. He understands this disease much better due to his own experience and can make up the most effective treatment plans. He admits that he sympathizes such people and wants to help them out. Dr. Marini is sure that some people just choose to stay in the world of digital currencies to run from the problems that they might have in real life, just like in case with any other addiction.

The hospital revealed some details of the planned treatment for cryptocurrency addicts. The most important part will be group therapy, where everyone will be able to express themselves and listen to each others’ stories.

We want to point out that this Scottish hospital is the first medical facility in the world to acknowledge the cryprocurrency addiction as an actual disease.

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