A Game Console on Blockchain Will Combine Board Games with Virtual Ones

California-based company Blok.Party, located in San Francisco, presented the world with a new outlook at board games. Game console PlayTable is a tablet with a widescreen HD-display, which allows users to not only play ordinary video games, but also offers to use virtual reality.

For example, you can play popular card games like Hardstone or Gwent using physical card sets, and the console will act as a field.

But even all the facts mentioned above are not a key feature of the platform. The main thing is that blockchain is used in order to save the game progress, the blocks of which record the data on the walkthrough. According to the developers, the trust between the players will increase because of this, since it will be absolutely impossible to “cheat” with the game currency and experience.

The cost of one console is $599 and it can be pre-ordered now on the company’s website. According to Blok.Party, the gaming platform will be on sale by the end of this year.



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