A French Retail Chain Carrefour Is Using Blockchain to Track Its Milk Supply Chain

Carrefour, a French retailer headquartered in Boulogne-Billancourt, which has over 15 thousand stores all over the world, announced the adoption of the blockchain technology for their supply chains.

The company decided to start with the supply chain of one product, and the choice fell on milk. In March Carrefour will put out its brand new type of milk – Carrefour Quality Line (CQL) micro-filtered full-fat milk.

Besides its nutrition qualities, this line of milk will provide the Carrefour customers with full and accurate information regarding how and when a particular product was produced, how it travelled etc.

The blockchain guarantees consumers complete product traceability. With the help of a QR Code on the label, consumers can access via their smartphone the information on the product from the place of breeding or production until its appearance on the shelf,” says the press release.

Surprisingly, the blockchain will even contain GPS coordinates of the farmers that produce CQL milk, as well as the exact dates of its manufacturing, details of the packaging and all the other data concerning the production and transportation of the product.

If the system proves efficient, it is quite a possibility that Carrefour will launch a similar program for other types of food and goods. In the past, it joined the initiative of IBM that came up with a blockchain network Food Trust. Food Trust traced down the supply chains of such major brands as Nestle.

The blockchain technology became a perfect solution for supply chains of food products, given the fact that the accuracy of information and its accessibility is of utter importance in this particular industry.

Carrefour did not become the first company of such scale to implement blockchain for supply chains. We remind you that the Australian World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is also using this technology for similar purposes.

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