A Florida City will Pay $600,000 in Bitcoin Ransom to Hackers

A Florida City will pay $600,000 Bitcoin Ransom to Hackers

Hackers forced the city administration in Florida, Riviera Beach, to pay $600,000 in Bitcoin (BTC) cryptocurrency for restoring access to encrypted files. It is reported by The New York Times.

A few weeks ago, an officer of the Riviera Beach Police Department opened an email with a virus. As a result, the malicious file got into the local network of the city and infected all the municipal computers.

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Software developed by hackers encrypted files on hard drives and blocked access to e-mail. Officials have to write bank checks, and emergency operators cannot save calls data in the system.

Security consultants advised municipal authorities to comply with the requirements of the perpetrators and transfer 65 BTC to their account. Costs will cover insurance. Criminals promise to send a code to decrypt after receiving payment.

In May 2019, a similar attack was directed at the computers of the Baltimore government. Hackers requested 13 BTC (approximately $76,000 at the time) as a ransom. But the administration decided not to go on about the blackmailers. According to experts, the damage amounted to $18 million.

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  1. It’s called the “Microsoft Tax” and it’s mandatory for organizations run by stupid people who make stupid IT decisions.

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