A Fintech Startup Mooncard Received $5.7 Million Funding

A French fintech project called Mooncard has recently finished a fundraiser where it managed to obtain 5.7 million dollars (5 million euro) from such institutional investors as Aglaé Ventures and others.

Mooncard is developing a strategy of corporate credit cards for businesses in order to track down and manage all kinds of expenses. This particular technique is still quite new for France, unlike the United States, so the startup is among the first ones to research this.

Basically, the system principle of operation is quite simple. An employee of a company uses a corporate credit card to purchase something he/she needs for work and receives a message with a link. Tapping on the link, this employee can add some details about the purchase, if he/she wants, and then the expense is submitted to the accountant team of the company.

People in charge of Mooncard system in a particular company can set up individual regulations or limits for employees.

The project is now cooperating with major French enterprises, like Air France. It already has over 1 thousand customers. Mooncard team is planning to have a 200-thousand clientele in 3 years.

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