A Chinese Manufacturer Xiaomi Issued Its Own Cryptocurrency Jiami Tu

The Chinese company Xiaomi launched a daily event. Any person registered on the site of the company can get the so-called “cryptohares” (Jiami Tu) free of charge.

Jiami Tu are released in limited edition, a new batch appears every day at 11 am Beijing time. It is worth noting that the amount of cryptohare fans appeared to be so big that all the cryptocoins have found their owners within the very first hour after the release of the pilot batch.

Unfortunately, tokens can neither be transferred into the Fiat equivalent, nor exchanged in any other way or used to raise funds. This is due to the current legislative ban on cryptocurrency activities in China.

According to information from representatives of Xiaomi, Jiami Tu is has only one purpose which is testing new technologies and expanding the boundaries of interaction with users.

We should say that the company does not disclose the details about which blockchain the development is built on so far.

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