Hacker broke into NiceHash service: $60 million in Bitcoin stolen

NiceHash, a service where users sell and buy mining facilities, was hacked and $60 million were stolen.

Company reported that NiceHash website was in offline mode but it appeared to be that it was actually deactivated. It was possible to find the reason why the website was shut down and users worst fears came true.

”Unfortunately NiceHash website experienced a security breach”, – wrote the company adding that all transactions will be frozen at least for the next 24 hours.

NiceHash did not mention how many coins were stolen, however, users point on a wallet where hackers credited all bitcoins. Currently it has 4,736.42 BTC, which is more than 60 million dollars.

The company said that in addition to an internal probe they contacted “particular law-enforcement bodies” and advised all users to change their online-passwords. It is still unclear which data has become available to hackers apart from stolen funds.

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