More than $ 3 000 000 stolen from Bitcoin Gold

Users who suffered an online fraud accused official Bitcoin Gold website for recommending a wallet called and believe that this led to such huge losses.

Scammers sent out requests asking users to provide their private keys to “generate Bitcoin Gold wallets”. People who did that soon found out that all their digital currency was gone. As a result of this complex scam fraudsters got around $ 3,300,000.

Before the theft, the team of Bitcoin Gold attempted to create a new version of Bitcoin and advertised, convincing users that it was secure enough.

Bitcoin Gold representatives have already stated that they are examining the issue with a number of security experts:


“When we receive reliable information that a particular website or application is not secure enough, we immediately remove it from our website. Mybtgwallet website was considered to be reliable until this incident, but like it is with all third-party resources, the website was not entirely under our control and we were not able to track what was happening there. The investigation showed that somebody changed mybtgwallet after it was initially published”.

BTG team will soon disclose further results of its investigation.

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