26 Million of Americans Have Bought Cryptocurrency

A recent study of the resource Finder.com showed that  26 million Americans, purchased cryptocurrency, Сointelegraph reports.

2 001 adult Americans took part in the survey, using Pureprofile, a site that gives monetary rewards to users who participate in its surveys.

According to the survey, men have cryptocurrencies more than twice as often as women – 11.86% of the total number of men to 4.27% of all women.

A study conducted by Blockchain Capital last December also showed that the millenials support Bitcoin (BTC) compared to traditional bank accounts.

The survey also examines the reasons why Americans do not buy cryptocurrencies. Most men and women believe that “there is no need or they are useless”, while the least popular reason for both sexes is “too many fees”.

More than twice as many men as women consider cryptocurrency to be a bubble or fraud, but both sexes see it roughly equally “too difficult to use” and “too hard to understand”.

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