$1.5 million invested in CryptoKitties

Ethereum blockchain is occupied by collectible kitties that have 15% of total traffic. Suddenly these cryptocreatures appeared to be everywhere and somebody was even not too lazy to count them: 16 603 by the end of the counting. However they replicate and their number is increasing.

A startup called “CryptoKitties”, was launched only several days ago but has already managed to collect more than $ ‎1 500 000!
The army of kitties will expand until the beginning of 2018 with a new zero-generation kittie appearing every 15 minutes.

Users manage to spend a lot of money on the game within a few days. Several kitties were sold for $ ‎23 000 (50 ETH), and the most expensive kittie costed $ 113 000.

As you may have already figured out it is not just a primitive game. Every kittie has its own unique features and is actually a separate Ethereum token.

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