Elon Musk Showed Fans the First Teaser of the Tesla Electric Pickup Truck
Recall that last Friday there was a presentation of a younger crossover - Model Y in the design studio of Tesla company. The new car was perceived ambiguously, some fans expected the crossover to have more differences from the compact Model 3 sedan. Although it was quite expected since the characteristics of Model Y have been known for a long time. It is also known that the next presentation, which Elon Musk will carry for Tesla, will concern a car with a completely new design - an electric pickup, which does not have a name yet. Just recently, Musk confirmed that the new pickup will have a very futuristic design that he personally likes very much. Literally, right after the presentation of the compact crossover, Elon posted a teaser for new pickup on Twitter. https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1106714774694297601 Of course, it is very difficult to see any elements of the exterior on this picture, but most users agreed that the teaser shows the hood of the upcoming new pickup. There is still very little information about this car:
  • it will have crazy power and torque;
  • power reserve will be 600 - 750 km;
  • and of course, the pickup will be equipped with a full autopilot;
  • it should be presented this year;
  • its mass production will begin no earlier than 2021-2022.
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