Elon Musk Reacted to a Message from a Twitter Bot Asking Him for Bitcoins

elon musk

The more any industry is developing, the more it gets surrounded by illegal activities. The cryptocurrency world is no exception. Besides regular and quite frequent exchange hackings and scam ICO projects, there is also such a phenomenon as scam bots on Twitter or some other social networks.

Scam bots are fake accounts which make scam offers or just post some nonsense. In the former case, nothing dangerous can happen. However, if such bots start offering goods or services, they can potentially fool inexperienced investors and steal their money. These bots can also prevent real users from communicating with each other properly.

Very often such bots try to attract attention of celebrities or major business figures. This time the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, got involved. A bot devoted a tweet to Musk, asking him to send him Bitcoins.

The entrepreneur commented on this post in a rather jocular manner.

Although, the bot’s tweet did not make any sense, it did achieve the main thing: it attracted attention of such an important personality.

Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, was quite upset, because the first time Elon Musk mentioned his platform was in the answer to a scam bot.

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Interview with Mark van Rijmenam: In 2019 We Will See More Blockchain Projects Coming to Fruition

How often do you have questions about cryptocurrency that no one can answer? How many times have you had them in your head before investing in a dubious project or in the most popular cryptocurrencies? And how does this blockchain even work? We often need an assistant or an inner voice that will put everything in its place. The Coin Shark will introduce this person to you.

We ask the most relevant questions about cryptocurrency to our experts, professionals in crypto and blockchain business. Today, our “inner voice” will be Mark van Rijmenam, founder Datafloq, named global top 10 Big Data influencer and one of the most influential Blockchain people. 

Hello, Mark. What do you think, what problems can be solved using blockchain at the global level?

Blockchain is a paradigm shift, a fundamental technology that will change every industry. Blockchain is relevant everywhere there is a trust issue (when individuals, organisations or things have to collaborate) and when there is a transaction. Blockchain is especially relevant for the financial sector and the supply chain sector, but blockchain can also be used for social good. In our latest book, Blockchain: Transforming Your Business and Our World, we discuss how blockchain can contribute to solving issues such as poverty, climate change, fraud, corruption, censorship, identity theft, etc.

What is the most extraordinary and unique project you had to work with?

Personally, I find the projects that look at using blockchain to solve real-world problems the most interesting. Projects that aim to offer us a self-sovereign identity for example, such as Sovrin or uPort, have the opportunity to change how we deal with identity. That can also be used for developing countries, as over 1,5 billion people still lack a government-issued identity. Also, those projects that aim to help the 2 billion unbanked in our world, such as Humaniq, are very important.

How can your own Datafloq project affect crypto and tech industry?

Our objective is to help the community with relevant articles on blockchain, crypto and other technologies including big data, artificial intelligence and the internet of things. In addition, we are about to launch a new project that could help in the massive fake news problem we have.

Do you invest in cryptocurrency? If so, do you prefer well-known coins or new projects?

I do have different cryptocurrencies. Whichever project I decide to participate in, I always look at what the product is that they are developing, who the team is, how long they have been working on it, what code is already there, do they already have an alpha or beta version, etc. For me to participate in a new project means that I need to have a very good understanding that the project is capable of achieving what it wants to achieve.

Your forecast: what future awaits crypto industry and all holders of cryptocurrency in 2019?

Hopefully, 2019 will see a more stable environment due to global regulations being put in place how to deal with ICOs (although I am aware that it takes time to achieve that). In 2019, we will also see more blockchain projects coming to fruition and delivering real-world products and services. Slowly, the decentralised ecosystem will become to appear as the technology required for that becomes ready. 2019 will be a very interesting year!

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“Captain Kirk” From Star Trek Protected Vitalik Buterin’s Interests

Canadian actor William Shatner, better known as the USS Enterprise captain, James Tiberius Kirk, who is a character in Star Trek TV show, published a tweet in support of Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin. In this way, he triggered the English-speaking crypto community. William’s audience on Twitter counts more than 2.5 million followers after all.

The reason for the disagreement was the tweet of a user premine apologist, and it said that Buterin is a “scammer” who is not able to provide Ethereum network with full decentralization. In response to this, premine apologist received the following answer from Shatner:


Later Shatner wrote:


The answer of William Shatner was supported by a significant part of the audience of crypto community. We remind that the actor is not new to cryptocurrency industry and blockchain. He is a representative of a blockchain project specializing in extraction of solar energy for mining.

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Administartion of Chinese Secondary School Was Mining Ethereum: Details of Crime

School seems to be the very place where the laws must be strictly observed, especially in China, a totalitarian country with strict rules, including those related to cryptocurrency and mining. Unfortunately, it is not that simple.

A funny story happened in one of the middle schools in the city of Chenzhou, Hunan. According to local Chinese news outlet HK01, the Principal and Vice Principal were caught mining Ethereum using school assets.

According to the Principal’s words, he first installed the equipment at home, but the electricity bills were too high, so he decided to relocate it to the school dorm, but there was not enough space. He had no choice but to transfer all the servers and equipment to the school.

Source: HK01.com

After some time, namely several months, the teachers of this school began to complain that computers emit a lot of noise and often “slow down”. The teachers decided to find the answer to this issue and found mining rigs.

Principal Lei Hua and Vice Principal Wang Zhipeng have already received their punishment, in the form of dismissal and warning, respectively. Meanwhile, we want to remind you that mining in China is growing and flourishing, thereby threatening the security of the world’s most famous cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Is in Danger: Chinese Hegemony Over the Industry

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Twitter Massively Bans Crypto Scammers

According to the study by Cryptopotato, Twitter began a massive purge of accounts owned by blockchain projects. During the purge process, Binance, OKex, Coinbase, Bitfinex, Bitstamp, OKCoin, ICO-project Stratisplatform and an innovative platform WePower lost their subscribers.

Such actions are aimed at restricting and eliminating activities of fraudsters who illegally, under the guise of celebrities, swindle Twitter users’ money out.

We remind, that recently, the users of the social network were attacked by crypto scammers, who allegedly organized the largest distribution of 10 thousand BTC under the name of Elon Musk. This is not the only case of hacking users of Twitter.

Scam Alert: Is Elon Musk Messing with the Twitter Community or Was His Account Hacked After All?

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The US Midterm Elections: What Crypto Friendly Politicians Got Seats in the Congress?

Politics regulates every single aspect of life, thus, it is of utter importance to the crypto community to have those people in charge that support cryptocurrencies and innovative technologies in general.

The recent elections in the US actually brought a couple of people that openly support digital currencies. They are:

1. Gavin Newsom, a new governor of the state of California. This politician is quite friendly towards Bitcoin and even accepts it as a means of payment for his campaign donations.

Given the high position that he received, Newsom may positively influence the cryptocurrency regulation in America.

2. Jared Polis, a new governor of the state of Colorado. Polis sees great potential in the blockchain technology and plans to focus on its development and further implementation into various industries.

I will work alongside the legislature to create a statewide safe harbor designed to exempt cryptocurrencies from state money transmissions laws, and I will work to establish legislation that protects “open blockchain tokens” or cryptocurrencies that are exchangeable for goods and services,” he claimed.

Hopefully, these two governors as well as those that are yet to come will create the regulation for cryptocurrency in such a way that it will be able to develop and expand while staying safe and risk-free.

We remind you:

Bill Clinton Believes That the Regulation of Blockchain Should Be Very Thought-Out

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Mike Novogratz Says Bitcoin Will Beat a New Record In 2019

According to BitJournal, the billionaire and legendary investor of Wall Street, the head of Galaxy Digital shared his opinion that in 2019, the rate of the world’s first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, will exceed $20 thousand again .

Mike Novogratz answered, before BTC overcomes a new psychological mark, it must exceed $6.8 thousand in price. This will also affect the growth of trading volume. Novogratz assures that BTC will finish 2018 at a price of $8.8- $9 thousand.

This forecast is more realistic than the previous one, in which Mike said that the price of BTC at the end of December 2018 will be at around $10,000. The investor shared that BTC will reach a five-digit price in the first quarter of 2019, and then “will go back to new highs”.

The billionaire notes that the immobility of the rate will end when regulatory uncertainty is eliminated and interest from institutional investors will rise.

We want to remind you

Billionaire Investor Mike Novogratz Said That the Market Had Finally Passed the “Bottom”

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