Elon Musk Reacted to a Message from a Twitter Bot Asking Him for Bitcoins
The more any industry is developing, the more it gets surrounded by illegal activities. The cryptocurrency world is no exception. Besides regular and quite frequent exchange hackings and scam ICO projects, there is also such a phenomenon as scam bots on Twitter or some other social networks. Scam bots are fake accounts which make scam offers or just post some nonsense. In the former case, nothing dangerous can happen. However, if such bots start offering goods or services, they can potentially fool inexperienced investors and steal their money. These bots can also prevent real users from communicating with each other properly. Very often such bots try to attract attention of celebrities or major business figures. This time the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, got involved. A bot devoted a tweet to Musk, asking him to send him Bitcoins. The entrepreneur commented on this post in a rather jocular manner. https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1016032769082716161 Although, the bot’s tweet did not make any sense, it did achieve the main thing: it attracted attention of such an important personality. Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, was quite upset, because the first time Elon Musk mentioned his platform was in the answer to a scam bot. https://twitter.com/VitalikButerin/status/1016224550688878592 Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/coinshark/