Elon Musk Announced the Presentation Date of the New Tesla Pickup
The company plans to introduce the new electric car - a pickup truck - on November 21. The presentation will be held near the SpaceX office in Los Angeles - Elon Musk informed on his official Twitter. https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1192117194756243457 Not so long ago, Tesla became the largest car manufacturer in the United State despite it produces only three models currently. Now the company is working to launch a wide production of the Model 3 car, and the Model Y electric crossover, planned for the next year. There are rumors on the network, that it will have a more powerful engine than a sedan. It is expected that the model will receive an updated chassis with batteries installed inside. Since the new car will be equipped with a large number of batteries, its weight is expected to be at least 2700 kilograms. It is not yet clear whether a ready model or only its concept will be presented. The head of the company, Elon Musk announced the beginning of work on the creation of an electric car two years ago. By the way, at first the Musk`s company was called Tesla Motors and specialized only in the production of electric vehicles, and now it also produces solar panels and other alternative energy storage systems.