Dubai Will Create a Tourism and Travel Market with the Help of Blockchain
The virtual market of tourism services and travelling, capable of providing access to all tourism industries, will become a reality in the city of Dubai. The idea is included in a considerable number of other plans described in the initiative of 10X, which should bring the city to the top of the blockchain technology and make it the most "advanced" in this regard. The commodities provided by the idea include a convenient selection of hotels in the city, united in the blockchain. In this case, the tourist will be able to view the prices for housing in real time. In addtion to the virtual market, the initiative includes many other useful ideas, such as a vehicle life cycle monitoring system, which will help owners always know where their car was at any time. The press release of the Department of Tourism states that blockchain will have a positive impact on the social and economic life of the city and will bring considerable benefits. According to the statement, such decision will make Dubai the leader in the matter of democratization of the tourism industry. From now on even the smallest organizations will have equal rights, which will lead to an increase in the employment rate in the industry. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Telegram: