Drones Delivery Officially Launched in the USA
A fundamental event has occurred in the field of commercial logistics recently - the first public delivery of cargo by a drone. Residents of the city of Christiansburg can now order food, some medications, and other small goods and arrange delivery by drone, became known. Many companies are interested in developing services for delivering small cargoes by drones because they can effectively solve the problem of the “last mile” - the final stage of cargo delivery to the destination in logistics. Due to the fact that the cargo travels to a specific address at this stage, the “last mile” excludes the possibility of wholesale transportation, as happens all the way to this, therefore it is the most expensive segment of the route regardless the value the cargo - the car has to consistently go around a lot of addresses. Drones and autonomous wheeled robots are offered by many companies precisely as an effective solution for the "last mile", drones have a tangible benefit - they are not tied to the road infrastructure and can fly directly to the desired point. Wing representatives announced the successful launch of a pilot project, residents of Christiansburg, Virginia since now will be able to receive FedEx parcels, goods from a large network of Walgreens stores and from local retailer Sugar Magnolia.